Meet the Team Planning

Our Beautiful New Office

As many of you know, we have recently moved office!! We have moved to a gorgeous new space on the 5th floor with the most amazing views of Limassol.  Our new office is light, stylish and ever so comfortable. It’s a real joy coming into work 🙂

We wanted to share a few snaps with you of our new office, so you can see where all the wedding magic happens. This is where we piece all your ideas and concepts together and create your dream wedding day.

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Meet the Team



Christmas Hamper Competition Planning

Win a Christmas Hamper – Take 2!!!

Future Cyprus wedding couples – it’s your turn!!

All you have to do is choose one of our fabulous wedding photography packages – and with only €100 as a deposit you will be entered into the draw!

Don’t worry – if you have already booked your photography – you will be automatically entered 🙂

The closing date for the competition is the 10th December 2018.

Good luck!!

Photography Competition

Photography Competition Planning

Win a Christmas Hamper!!!!


We have the most wonderful competition for our 2018 couples. To celebrate your first Christmas as a Mr & Mrs, we are offering you the chance to win a hamper* full of goodies!

All you have to do is send us your favourite wedding photo, which we will post to our Facebook – and the couple with the most like by December the 10th wins!!!To enter you can send us your pics by email at – or send them through by Messenger.

All photos must have been taken by our photographers!!

We are so excited to see all your amazing photos!!

Good luck to everyone!! x x x


PS. Don’t worry 2019 brides we haven’t forgotten you……… our second Christmas competition will be launched next week!


Photography Competition

*The M&S hamper may vary, according to availability. 




Wedding planning Planning

Where to Start with Your Planning

So you’ve booked your wedding day in Cyprus, you’ve received your confirmation email, flicked through all the lovely colourful brochures – but now what? Where do you start?

Take a deep breath, relax, and remember – you have a wedding planner.

The very first thing you need to do is talk to your planner. Put together a quick email, or pick up the phone and have a quick chat. Once you meet the person who will be helping you plan your big day, a big weight will be lifted off your shoulders.

You don’t need to make any big decisions at first, just have a little talk about the ceremony venue you have picked, the ideas you have so far, and get to know each other. Your planner will be your guru, for all things wedding related over the next year or so.

Ask as many questions as you need, until you fully understand the layout of your hotel or venue, the timings of your day and the whole process of the planning. Your planner has all this information, and once everything is clear in your mind, you will feel much more relaxed about arranging a wedding abroad.

Wedding planning

When you have talked through all the options with your fiancé, read the brochures, looked at all the images on the website and the Facebook, it’s time to start making the first decisions.

The best place to start is with your wedding reception. If you’re not getting married at a hotel that is only one wedding a day, it is very, very important to secure your venue early.  Venues and restaurants do get booked up quickly in Cyprus, as it is an extremely popular place for people to get married.

Once you decide on a venue, contact your planner by phone or email (we recommend email so you both have everything is writing) and ask them to secure this for you. You will need to advise them of your proposed menu and estimated guest numbers (don’t worry these can change on the run up to your wedding, nothing is set in stone) and a €100 payment (this may vary depending on venue) will also be needed to secure the date.

If you know that you would like a hair stylist, a photographer, a DJ, a decorations company or any other suppliers for your big day. Ask your planner to secure the dates for these for you. You don’t have to decide on packages at first, but do secure their services.

Wedding planning

Once you have your date secured with the primary suppliers, now comes the fun part!

How do you want your wedding to look and feel?  Are you going to go for understated elegance, relaxed boho chic, or fun and whimsical?

Pinterest is a bride’s best friend! Create boards of ideas, and pin every time you have a few minutes to yourself. You can pin on your coffee break, pin on the bus, you can even pin in the dentists waiting room!

When your dream wedding starts to take shape, share your favourite ideas and pins with your planner. Send images individually, or put together a mood board to help your planner understand your vision.

You can choose décor, flowers and cakes from brochures to match your ideas, or if you send you board to your planner she can get prices for similar things and you can work from bespoke – it’s up to you.

It can seem like a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be.  Use your planner, let her do all the work for you.  Let her run around and secure the suppliers. Let her source the right shade of flowers and the centrepieces you’ve fallen head over heels in love with. It’s what she’s there for.

Wedding planning

When it’s time to put together your legal paperwork, your planner has a handy checklist you can use. You can also send it to her, to look over and check it all looks ok.

About six weeks before the wedding it will be time to tie everything up.  You will need a final guest list, a table plan and confirmed timings of your day. Your planner will finalise your invoice, send you a link for the balance of everything and put together all the final details for your in-resort wedding advisor.

The weeks on the run up to your wedding should be relaxing. All the preparations have been done, everything is in place, the bills have been paid and your legal paperwork is ready. You’re all set!!

The last few weeks of your single life, are for celebrations with your girl and guy friends. Shopping for holiday clothes, and looking forward to exciting times ahead with your fiancé.

This is how your wedding plans should be. Relaxed, organised and stress free!!




Maid of Honour Planning

The Maid of Honour’s Duties

So you have picked your Maid of Honour, but what exactly is she supposed to do?

A lot of girls think a Maid of Honour is just a bride’s way of telling them that they are their very best friend (which is true), but it’s also a really important job.  The maid of honour is extremely important to the preparations and a crucial part of the big day.

We have put together a list of tasks that you should be entrusting your Maid of Honour with. This will help to lighten your load, and stop you from getting stressed on the run up to your wedding day.

Maid of Honour

  1. Help Pick the Dress

A girl can always rely on her best friend to tell her the truth when she asks “does my bum look big in this?” A Maid of Honour should always be the first person you call when you’re going wedding dress shopping. She will help you choose your gown and also give vital input on the style and colour of the bridesmaid’s dresses.

  1. Plan the Hen Party/Bridal Shower

Give your Maid of Honour a guest list, a list of your favourite ideas and let her take charge from there. You have a whole wedding to plan, the last thing you need is to be trying to arrange a Bridal Shower as well.

  1. Look after the Dress

As you will be sharing a room with your future husband whilst you are on holiday, it’s a good idea to entrust your dress to your Maid of Honour. You don’t want him sneaking any peaks at the gown!

  1. Organise the Girls

Someone has to be one to boss all the bridesmaids around, and make sure everyone gets to their hair and makeup appointments on time, and gets into their dresses. Your Maid of Honour is the Head Bridesmaid and should take control of all the pre-wedding arrangements.

Maid of Honour

  1. Keep the Groom’s Ring Safe

This is one of the most important parts of the ceremony and you need to give the ring to someone for safe keeping.  It’s also one less thing for you to worry about before the ceremony.

  1. Put Together an Emergency Kit

We hope and pray that everything will go smoothly on the wedding day, but just in case something should go wrong, it’s a good idea to have an emergency kit. Ask your Maid of Honour to create a kit with useful items such as; a needle and cotton, super glue, safety pins, paracetamol, hair pins, hair spray, tissues, plasters, deodorant, mints, a pressed powder compact, sanitary supplies and a small amount of cash.

  1. Ensure you Look Perfect before You Walk down the Aisle

You will need someone to arrange your dress and veil, check your teeth and makeup, and give you a last minute boost before you walk down the aisle.

Maid of Honour

  1. Hold the Bouquet during the Ceremony

You will be busy looking dreamily into your future husbands eyes, and you will need your hands free. Pass your bouquet to your Maid of Honour until the end of the ceremony.

  1. Sign and Witness the Marriage

You need 2 witnesses for your wedding ceremony – who better to do this than your best friend?

  1. Look after the Gifts

At the end of the evening you don’t want to be lugging presents back to your hotel room. Give this task to your Maid of Honour and the Best Man. After all someone has to it!

The Maid of Honour has one of the most important jobs at the wedding. Make sure you communicate everything to her that you want from your big day. She’s your friend and she wants to ensure you have a magical time – so let her help with all the details.  It really will make everything so much easier for you, and let’s face it – wedding planning is so much more fun when done with your bestie!

Maid of Honour





Wedding Dress Planning

The Wedding Dress Check List


So you have booked your destination wedding and now you are searching for your dream dress. There are 10 very important things you need to think about before you hit the boutiques……

Keep location in mind

It’s very hot in Cyprus, and you need to find a dress that will fit in with the sand and surf, but that you will still feel like a princess in. Ball gowns are too heavy, and you don’t want too many layers in the high heat and humidity.

Know your budget

You need to know how much you are going to spend on your dress. You don’t want to fall in love with a beautiful gown that’s not within your budget. Dress shopping should be a fun and amazing experience, you don’t want to feel disappointed and deflated, when you try on a dress that you just can’t afford.

Know what suits you

Trying on dresses that are all wrong for your body shape can be really discouraging. Every woman has a signature silhouette that they wear to accentuate their best bits, and disguise the areas they don’t like. Sticking with a silhouette that you know and love, will make you feel confident and beautiful.

Wedding Dress

Listen to yourself not others

It can be really difficult when your friends and family don’t instantly love the dress that you have your eye on. You have to trust your instincts, and if you feel right in it, and you think it’s the one – go for it!!

Be open to different ideas and styles

Sometimes it’s good to be a little daring, and try on a dress that’s a little different to your regular style. Keep your mind open to different styles and silhouettes, and you might be surprised by the results.

Share your dream

Talk to your friends and family before you head to the dress shop. Let them know the colour and style you’re looking for, so you’re all on the same page.

Remember dresses can be altered

The dresses you try on won’t always be a perfect fit, but remember wedding dresses can be altered and tailored to suit your size and body shape. Try to visualise how the gown will look once it’s nipped and tucked in the right places.

It's ok to choose the first dress

Some brides are lucky enough to find the perfect dress as soon as they enter the store. If you know your own style, and you know what looks great on you and your figure, it is possible that the first dress you try will be your dream dress. Don’t question yourself – when you find the one you will know!

When it feels right stop shopping

If you’ve found that perfect dress, and you can’t stop looking at your reflection in the mirror with awe – stop shopping!! There is no point in trying on more and more dresses you’ll just start to question yourself.

Leave room in your budget to accessorise

Every girl likes to customise her look, and bridal accessories aren’t cheap. Make sure you leave a few pennies in your budget for the lingerie, shoes, jewellery and hair accessories.

No matter what you choose we are sure you’ll look stunning. We can’t wait to see all your gorgeous gowns!! x x