st pauls

St Paul’s Pillar

This charming church called Ayia Kyriaki is a lovely wedding venue and is located a short drive away from Paphos harbour next to the remains of St Paul’s Pillar.

  • The tranquil stone interior of the church with its painted icons and chandeliers make
  • a wonderfully romantic setting for exchanging your vows, there is also an organist
  • who can play your choice of wedding music and hymns.
  • Anglican (Church of England) marriage ceremonies with native English speaking Priests
  • Traditional English marriage service expressed in modern language
  • As well as weddings, Renewal of Vows and Blessing after a civil ceremony are also available
  • Private venue
  • Suitable for wedding parties of up to 125 guests
  • Organ music can be discussed with the Priest at your pre-wedding meeting

St Paul's Pillar

If you have not been baptised or Christened or do not attend a church, you can still be married by one of our priests. Our wish is simply that you should be comfortable with the Christian faith.

Anglican (Church of England) ceremonies are available on Mondays and Tuesday . Catholic Ceremonies are available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. It may be possible to accommodate changes to these days if necessary.

Confetti cannot be thrown anywhere inside or outside the church as this is a historic site.

Pre-recorded music is not allowed however an organist is provided who can play your choice of music. You can chose if to have hymns or not. A choir is also available on request.

Appropriate poems and readings can be added to your service. These do not need to be religious and should be confirmed with the priest prior to your wedding.


More information on St Paul’s Pillar can be found in the brochure linked to your wedding confirmation.  If you have any questions regarding this, or any of our venues or wedding extras, please don’t hesitate to contact your Cyprus Wedding Advisor.