Legal Requirements

Legal Requirements

The legal requirements to get married in Cyprus can seem a little complicated, but don’t worry we have you covered! All you need to do is read the information below, and it will make much more sense – and if it doesn’t just give us a call and we will be happy to talk you through everything!


This information is for British passport holders only. For non-British passports or those with documents issued outside the UK (including the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and Southern
Irish passport holders) please contact your authorities, Consulate or Embassy for documentation requirements.

What you need to do…
1. Read this guide to understand what documents are required in your personal circumstances and current status.
2. Fees charged by solicitors vary. Where a solicitor must prepare or stamp documents, it may be worth phoning around for costs.
3. Gather together all of the documents required (see checklist below)
4. Ensure that all documents are correct and consistent in the spelling of names and the use of middle names & initials.
5. Arrange for replacements where documents are missing or incorrect.
6. Carry all specified documents with you when you travel.


• Please remember that preparing this paperwork is your responsibility. You are responsible for the organisation, cost and accuracy of this documentation.
• In some resorts, the Registrar may retain Decree Absolutes, previous Marriage Certificates, Birth Certificates, and Death Certificates etc. Should you wish to keep these original documents, please obtain duplicate copies prior to travel.
• Do not send your legal documentation and/or copies to us prior to departure. Our Weddings Clerical Team can be contacted on 0871 664 0131 and will be happy to help you understand this process.
• Witness Information – please ensure that you take ‘copies of the picture pages of the witnesses’ passport’ with you to resort.
• Legal Information – The legal requirements for Cyprus may change from the time of booking to when you depart. To ensure you have the most recent up-to-date information please contact us to reconfirm 2-3 months prior to departure.

Please note that all legal information is correct to the best of our knowledge.

Legal Paperwork

Documents Checklist

The documentation required depends on your personal circumstances and status. The following planner is for your personal use to help plan when to start collating your necessary documents and to record as and when these are obtained.
It is essential that you take all documents listed below with you and keep copies for yourself, if required.


Passport – In all cases, for both Bride & Groom – Valid 10-year British passports (must have 6 months remaining from the date of return)


Birth certificates – The Bride and Groom must take Birth Certificates (long versions) with them to Cyprus.


Statutory Declarations.

The Bride and Groom must each take a Statutory Declaration with them to Cyprus. This is a declaration of Freedom to Marry. It can be produced by a UK based solicitor, on their letter headed paper, or our template can be used and you can prepare your own. Your documents must be signed & stamped by the solicitor no more than 3 months before your return date.
Couples resident in Scotland may use a Certificate of No Impediment as an alternative.

Legal Paperwork

If either party…..

Is Divorced
Decree Absolute (This must carry the Court stamp.)
If the Bride and Groom are divorced, they must take their Decree Absolutes to Cyprus. If the bride has reverted to her maiden name, a Name Change Deed will need to be obtained (see below Name Change Deed).


Has changed their name
• Name Change Deed (Must be signed and stamped by a solicitor).
If the Bride and Groom have changed their names and if the bride has reverted to her maiden name, a Name Change Deed will need to be taken to Cyprus.


Is adopted
• Adoption Certificate
If the Bride or Groom is adopted, an Adoption Certificate must be taken to Cyprus.


Is a widow or widower
• Death Certificate & a previous Marriage Certificate of previous spouse
If the Bride or Groom is widowed, a Death Certificate and previous Marriage Certificate must be taken to Cyprus.


Is under the age of 18
• Parental consent in the form of a Statutory Declaration. (Must be signed and stamped by a solicitor.)If the Bride or Groom is under 18 years of age, this form must be taken to Cyprus.


If you have any questions regarding your legal paperwork please let your Cyprus Wedding Advisor know, and they will happy to help!