Vintage Games

Vintage Games

Vintage wedding games are a perfect way to keep your guests entertained whilst you sneak away to have your wedding photos taken.  We have some great British favourites such as Giant Connect 4, Giant Jenga, Hoopla, Beat the Buzzer, Limbo, Hula Hoops and Skipping Ropes.


Giant Jenga is tons of fun and a giant garden version really takes things to the next level. This is a must have outdoor wedding game – make sure your photographer snaps lots of pictures of your guests’ reactions when the tower falls. 


Kids and adults a like will enjoy a game of Connect Four, and this larger version will take guests right back to their childhood.  

Connect 4

How cool is this vintage style game of Beat the Buzzer? This notoriously tense game will be an ice breaker for the reception guests as they try to make it to the end of the game without setting off the buzzer. 

Beat the Buzzer

If your ceremony is on the beach or in a garden limbo is an ideal addition to your wedding. It really gets the party going and will get everyone giggling and saying goodbye to their inhibitions. 


Hoopla is a fairground favoutrite and a great addition to any wedding party. See how competitive your guests become when trying to be crowned king and queen of the hoop! 

Ring Toss

Hula hoops and skipping ropes are a slightly unusual choice for a wedding, but a fun one nonetheless. You can snap some great pictures of your guests doing their best hoola! Turn it into a competition by seeing who can hoola and skip the longest. 

Big and little kids a like love to play, and these games also make fabulous photo props, for memorable pictures of your perfect day.  

Our packages are for 2 hours and can be arranged island wide.