What Happens on Arrival

On arrival at your chosen hotel you will have a letter from your Wedding Advisor welcoming you to Cyprus.  In this letter will be her name and contact number, so you will be able to contact her at any time during your stay.

You will meet with your Wedding Advisor within 48 hours of your arrival in resort, to reconfirm all the details of your wedding.  She will go through everything you have booked, all the items on your wedding invoice, all your timings, venues and colours.

Your Advisor will arrange your appointment with the marriage officer (this will take place before your wedding day) and accompany you to the town hall and help you with all the paperwork for your marriage.

On the wedding day itself your Wedding Advisor will be there to help you with all your arrangements. She will bring your flowers to the room, help you in to your dress and take you down to the ceremony venue.  She will ensure that everyone, guests and supplier are where they are meant to be at the right time.

If you have any questions at all about how your wedding day will flow, please let us know.