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Published on December 8th, 2015 | by Cyprus Wedding Advisor

Blending of the Sands

Sand blending weddingsHave you heard about blending of the sands? It is such a cute idea!!


All you need to do is find different coloured sand and 3 glasses or jars. It is a way of celebrating and bringing 2 lives and families together as one. The 2 separate bottles that you’re pouring the sand from symbolizes the 2 families becoming one.


This is perfect for a ceremony in Cyprus!


Then later on for your reception, you could re-use the glasses that you’Blending of the Sand in Cyprusve poured the sand from as vases on your top table. If you don’t want to use glasses, why not try a different alternative such as shells.


If you have a bottle that doesn’t have a lid or top, just have some wax melted on top to seal the glass so the sand doesn’t fall out and voilà.., you have a beautiful keepsake to take home with you from your special day & a constant reminder of your promises made on your wedding day.


This is very similar to the unity candle ceremony, but just a colourful, unique alternative.

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